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Risk Management, NOT Making Predictions, Is Where the BIG Money Lies

Posted January 29, 2021

A simple strategy and some discipline is all you need…

No, the Stock Market Bubble Has Not Burst

Posted January 28, 2021

Here’s what to do when things get panicky…

Gamestop = Tech Bubble 2.0

Posted January 27, 2021

Are you ready for what's coming?

When Will This Last Bull Market End?

Posted January 26, 2021

The history of the market sheds some light on how long this bull will run…

This is the Last Bull Market of Our Lifetime

Posted January 25, 2021

Two charts prove this is your last chance to get rich in the market

What’s Driving this Shift in the Stock Market?

Posted January 22, 2021

The real reason money is rotating out of the tech sector…

A Critical Shift in the Stock Market

Posted January 21, 2021

Market leadership has changed from last year. Here’s what you need to know…

Another Case for the Coming Inflationary Storm

Posted January 20, 2021

Policymakers have proven it time and again, and it’s only going to get worse…

Joe Biden’s MAJOR Problem

Posted January 19, 2021

The President-elect has a serious financial issue to deal with, and his policies suggest he doesn’t know or care…

The Simple Economics of What’s Headed Our Way

Posted January 15, 2021

Literal fortunes can be made once the dollar begins to collapse…

The Fed Monetary Policy is Crazy! (But Not Unprecedented)

Posted January 14, 2021

Here’s what we can learn from the Bank of Japan…

The Ticking Dollar Time-Bomb

Posted January 13, 2021

Here’s why the U.S. Dollar is almost certainly doomed…

The Fed’s No-Win Decision in 2021

Posted January 12, 2021

The Fed will be facing a decision that spells disaster either way they go…

Inflation Is Here and It's Only Going to Get Worse

Posted January 11, 2021

These charts prove it…

The “Hard” Markets to Keep Your Eyes On

Posted January 08, 2021

Signs of an inflationary dollar collapse are building. Here’s what to watch…

The BIG Chart to Watch in 2021 – Part 2

Posted January 07, 2021

See why this chart means even more trouble for the $USD…

The Next Big Chart to Watch in 2021

Posted January 06, 2021

A breakdown here could have serious implications for U.S. stocks and more…

Week One and 2021 is Already a Mess

Posted January 05, 2021

There’s no shortage of reasons for the volatility we’re about to see in the markets

New Year — Same Old Strategies

Posted January 04, 2021

It’s a new year, but little has changed when it comes to the Fed