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Searching for Clues in a Forward-Looking Market

Posted July 30, 2021

Is another COVID-19 shutdown coming?

The Odds Say a Major Correction is Headed Our Way

Posted July 29, 2021

You can do the math for yourself…

Jerome Powell has “Cut a Deal” — and You’re Going to Pay

Posted July 28, 2021

The Biden Administration says, “Full speed ahead on the inflation express”

The Two Words That Are Going to Launch Gold

Posted July 27, 2021

You’ve heard them before…

Is it Time to Get Back into Gold?

Posted July 26, 2021

These charts indicate gold may be near a bottom…

Whatever Happened to Gold?

Posted July 23, 2021

There may be a rally brewing…

What’s Behind the Recent Rally?

Posted July 22, 2021

Three factors caused this pop — but will it continue?

The Market Hasn’t Done This in 20 Years

Posted July 21, 2021

Is it signaling BIG trouble again?

Three Charts that Should Make You Worry

Posted July 20, 2021

While the broader market doesn’t indicate economic strength, these sectors do…

Last Friday’s Market Action Could Mean Trouble

Posted July 19, 2021

Here’s what I mean…

Lies, Lies, Lies!

Posted July 16, 2021

The Fed is at it again…

Inflation Update: Even the Fake Numbers are BAD

Posted July 15, 2021

This is why “yield curve control” is the Fed’s only option…

"Yield Curve Control" is Coming

Posted July 14, 2021

What does it mean for you?

The Newest Tool in the Fed’s Bag of Tricks

Posted July 13, 2021

When all else fails…

Why Does the Fed Want to CREATE Inflation?

Posted July 12, 2021

This is why…

How to Know If the Market Is Ready to Crash

Posted July 09, 2021

A look at the market’s internals will show you…

Sure, We’re Heading into a Bubble

Posted July 08, 2021

Here’s what’s key about investing during bubbles like these

History is About to Repeat Itself

Posted July 07, 2021

And not in a good way. Here’s why…

Tech Bubble 2.0?

Posted July 06, 2021

This time the broader market will be its victim…

Time to Gear Up for a Collapse?

Posted July 02, 2021

Here’s how to know when to get out or get short…

The Fed’s BIG Bluff — The Final Chapter

Posted July 01, 2021

The two most horrifying charts I’ve seen in a long time…